Step 1

Determine Your Marriage Proposal Budget

Marriage Proposal Budget

After months of saving, you've managed to save up enough cash for the dream engagement ring. But even the most beautiful bauble can't overshadow a boring or cliched proposal story. Set aside money for your engagement story, just like you did for the ring.

Step 2

Discover Her Perfect Engagement Idea

her dream marriage proposal idea

Grab three pieces of paper.

On the first page, write down things that she loves.
-Is she wild about shoes? Purses? Pandas?
-Include the little quirky things about her..she craves peanut butter and celery? can’t leave the house without saying goodbye to your dog?
-Now add things that she dreams of doing her dream career, places she has always wanted to visit, activities that she wants to try, how she would spend a million dollars.

On the second page, do the same activity for your relationship.
-What do you love about how you are as a couple?
-What tradition or little habit do you have?
-Do you have a song or a movie that reminds you of each other?

Finally on the third page, write out your hopes for the future
-What will you still love about her when you're 80 years old?
-What promises do you want to make when you are proposing?
-what do you want her to know as you're popping the question? These things don't need to be romantic or have anything in common with a marriage proposal, just let your mind run.

Step 3

Determine the When, Where and How of your Marriage Proposal

Marriage proposal plan

Now that you have some great foundation ideas on your three brainstorming sheet, start narrowing down your inspiration. Some concepts just won't pan out as part of your engagement idea, but don't discard things immediately. If she loves Paris but you can't afford to pop the question in France, research French museums near your home or play with the idea of a turning your apartment into the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Where. The major element begins with location. Keep in mind the weather. If it's an outdoor location you'll want to have a backup plan in case of bad weather. If it's a park or public area, you will likely need permits to set up any kind of decorations.

How. Next, plan how you'll propose. This means appealing to all five senses: will there be music? flowers or forest? day or night? candlelight or sunshine? champagne or beer to celebrate? Most importantly, what personal touches will you incorporate? These are a MUST. Refer back to your three brainstorming sheets to think of a clever way to tell her why you love her or what you promise as her future husband.

When. Once you've selected a place to get engaged and have a plan for how you will propose, pick a date and time. Chances are the ring is already burning a hole in your pocket, but give yourself enough time to properly plan your proposal so it goes smoothly.

Step 4


guy proposing marriage to girl

This is it! Enjoy this moment - you have worked so hard to make this the perfect engagement idea so now just focus on spending your life with person you love!

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